Friday, August 10, 2012

The 365: Day 9


Fanart. Gijri and Misakuya from The Epic of Zektbach.

Re-listened to the drama CD again and I feel sad at the line where older Gijiri does the narration of his childhood and said, “Kagachi and Yamaji.. why does me and Misakuya is not the same”
Gijiri tried and did the best to become equal, to overcome the boundaries between him and Misakuya, alas it’s still not enough to overcome the hatred towards Kagachi. If he is to meet Misakuya again after, he is most likely still has a deep longing towards her despite the pain/hatred he feel after what he went through. ;3;

I wasn't meant to draw this today, uhm yeah, but suddenly having an urge to draw this as I remembered about that line from drama CD I mentioned above lol. I started to have a pattern of drawing Zektbach fanart every second day LMAO XDD

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