Sunday, August 26, 2012

The 365: Day 24 & Day 25

Day 24

So after the 3 themes Matin shoot (again) at Elias's garage we had dinner cooked by Elias lovely partner, Siva. The shoot was really tiring as I tried to cram so many themes in one shoot OTL but regardless it was fun and satisfying after I haven't done any photoshoot for a while. This shoot was a belated Birthday shoot.
Knowing this turned out Elias & Siva gave me a small belated present, which is a set of fine liner pens LOL
I must have ranted about that thick marker too much XDD;
I did the sketch at the night and finished it today. L'erisia from The Epic of Zektbach this time. I'm quite fond with this one and might need to get this properly scanned (crappy photo is crap lol look paper crease mark wohooo)

Day 25

So another go with sketch plus lineart on sketchbook. Nox and Matin (Lucis version) from The Epic of Zektbach. 

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