Sunday, August 26, 2012

The 365: Day 23

The 365: Day 23
The night when I was completely freaked out and dead tired. The next day was the planned shoot with Elias as the photographer. Being kept busy with work, daily chores, accompanying mum and the 365 project, I only got time to prepare stuff I need to bring to the shoot the day before. It was all going fine until the wig part, in which the new wig turned out too thin for Matin and the wig before that was a wreck of sorry excuse called wavy style <-- my failure in trying to style straight wig to wavy.
I was panicking if I should put one on top of another and all until finally I decided to use the previous wig after I straighten it. Then came packing things to suitcase, the macarons (which turned out some are cracked geez why La belle miette sob..) and lastly... painting my nails (yes it's in official art that Matin has peach orange nail polish!) After such fiasco, the bad sketch of Mokuren (Please Save My Earth) and Neya (Infinite Ryvius) were the only thing I can pull out before I went to deep sleep.

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