Sunday, August 26, 2012

The 365: Day 24 & Day 25

Day 24

So after the 3 themes Matin shoot (again) at Elias's garage we had dinner cooked by Elias lovely partner, Siva. The shoot was really tiring as I tried to cram so many themes in one shoot OTL but regardless it was fun and satisfying after I haven't done any photoshoot for a while. This shoot was a belated Birthday shoot.
Knowing this turned out Elias & Siva gave me a small belated present, which is a set of fine liner pens LOL
I must have ranted about that thick marker too much XDD;
I did the sketch at the night and finished it today. L'erisia from The Epic of Zektbach this time. I'm quite fond with this one and might need to get this properly scanned (crappy photo is crap lol look paper crease mark wohooo)

Day 25

So another go with sketch plus lineart on sketchbook. Nox and Matin (Lucis version) from The Epic of Zektbach. 

The 365: Day 23

The 365: Day 23
The night when I was completely freaked out and dead tired. The next day was the planned shoot with Elias as the photographer. Being kept busy with work, daily chores, accompanying mum and the 365 project, I only got time to prepare stuff I need to bring to the shoot the day before. It was all going fine until the wig part, in which the new wig turned out too thin for Matin and the wig before that was a wreck of sorry excuse called wavy style <-- my failure in trying to style straight wig to wavy.
I was panicking if I should put one on top of another and all until finally I decided to use the previous wig after I straighten it. Then came packing things to suitcase, the macarons (which turned out some are cracked geez why La belle miette sob..) and lastly... painting my nails (yes it's in official art that Matin has peach orange nail polish!) After such fiasco, the bad sketch of Mokuren (Please Save My Earth) and Neya (Infinite Ryvius) were the only thing I can pull out before I went to deep sleep.

The 365: Day 22

The 365: day 22
So a long time ago I came across the template for Zektbach meme and sworn to do it once my hand healed (well in this case close to healed or can function again) I totally forgot about this meme until I saw someone posted it on DA and whoops, I better do it then.
For a meme, I sure get carried away too much. also I did put blocks of colour to this but decided to wipe them all out except for one panel. Then I forgot to add the black colouring on Malchut hair and her body mark since I was planning to add those during the colouring ORZ
In any case it's so refreshing and fun doing black and white linearts, I really do prefer doing BW stuff ;3; (my colouring is bad, not that my art is good to begin with...)

The 365: Day 21

The 365: Day 21
(yeah I still did all the pieces per day for 365 project, I just feel so lazy and tired to upload it *__*; )
So first time drawing A'Milia from The Epic of Zektbach, I was going to draw the figure of all the other 9 Star Children in the BG but as I drew one I just went 'how does the other 9 looked like again?' and my mind and body was too tired to even bother looked up for reference and just dropped dead on the spot and sleeppppppp~~~
I've given up the stupid thick marker for lineart lol and just stick with pencil for the time being. The marker is good for blocking up black colour and other stuff, but not for all around lineart for me...

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The 365: Day 20

So the WIP from yesterday, I managed to get it done today.
I'm not quite happy with the result though, the expression is not as what I want it to be so does the over all mood and feel :( Need more experiment for this style I want to achieve I guess

The 365 Day 19

Started and stopped until blocking all the colour for the share of 365 of the day.
This is another request I took a while ago, and instead of pushing my hand over the limit by pushing myself too hard I'm stopping and will finish up tomorrow. I guess the basic idea to actually draw and hold the 'pen' everyday, not breaking my hand again back to square one of my RSI OTL
Seriously though I miss the privilege of pushing myself over the limit without worrying about the threat of the RSI and all acting up ;3l

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The 365: Day 18

Alibaba from MAGI.
Again, really... I better find my fine liner pen ASAP or anything that's not in the size of the marker I'm using at the moment >.>; or just go to the store and buy one...
Manifest weekend and my body is so tired... I like doing simple black and white thing in sketchbook now, just not.. that marker for the lineart...