Saturday, August 18, 2012

The 365: Day 16

Seriously, I was totally beat up yesterday! First I already exhausted from a week of work and everything, then for some reason I thought I can totally make Eculemess sword for today Manifest. But no~~~, outlining the shape on matt board was about as much my hand can take. The thing I keep forgetting is, my hand is no longer capable of having the privilege of pulling the work as hard like no tomorrow card. Sure enough I got 'alarm' from the pain and throbbing. It took me 2 years from the first initiation of the RSI until now in order for me to can draw slowly again, I stopped and gave up the idea of cutting the board as I don't want to go back to beginning of the pain again.
As for the doodle, I saw a fan made video with simplistic drawing style that I like and want to try, so I tried and it looked not right up close, but kinda okay now I looked at it in thumbnail version. My guess is I should try with finer marker/pen than the THICK marker lol.
Ted and Sarah (not intended as pairing just random doodle as my mind didn't work properly anymore) from Suikoden.

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