Saturday, August 18, 2012

The 365: Day 15

I still did all the 365 project drawings on time, but I just didn't post it here because I was too lazy/tired.
For day 15 was Dunya Mustashim from MAGI. Since I saw her fighting with Aladdin gang with Isaac I was intrigued with her. When I learned about her background story I like her more and more with the recent chapter of her in Sindaria. Love it when Yamuraiha becomes protective as Sinbad tries to 'charm' Dunya XD
Anyway too bad she might not last longer since Jafar commented how she grows weaker and weaker ;3;
I suppose her and Isaac reminds me of Matin and Falo, but unfortunately really it is far too hard to beat Matin as my fave female character and FaloxMatin as my OTP XDDDDD;

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