Sunday, August 26, 2012

The 365: Day 24 & Day 25

Day 24

So after the 3 themes Matin shoot (again) at Elias's garage we had dinner cooked by Elias lovely partner, Siva. The shoot was really tiring as I tried to cram so many themes in one shoot OTL but regardless it was fun and satisfying after I haven't done any photoshoot for a while. This shoot was a belated Birthday shoot.
Knowing this turned out Elias & Siva gave me a small belated present, which is a set of fine liner pens LOL
I must have ranted about that thick marker too much XDD;
I did the sketch at the night and finished it today. L'erisia from The Epic of Zektbach this time. I'm quite fond with this one and might need to get this properly scanned (crappy photo is crap lol look paper crease mark wohooo)

Day 25

So another go with sketch plus lineart on sketchbook. Nox and Matin (Lucis version) from The Epic of Zektbach. 

The 365: Day 23

The 365: Day 23
The night when I was completely freaked out and dead tired. The next day was the planned shoot with Elias as the photographer. Being kept busy with work, daily chores, accompanying mum and the 365 project, I only got time to prepare stuff I need to bring to the shoot the day before. It was all going fine until the wig part, in which the new wig turned out too thin for Matin and the wig before that was a wreck of sorry excuse called wavy style <-- my failure in trying to style straight wig to wavy.
I was panicking if I should put one on top of another and all until finally I decided to use the previous wig after I straighten it. Then came packing things to suitcase, the macarons (which turned out some are cracked geez why La belle miette sob..) and lastly... painting my nails (yes it's in official art that Matin has peach orange nail polish!) After such fiasco, the bad sketch of Mokuren (Please Save My Earth) and Neya (Infinite Ryvius) were the only thing I can pull out before I went to deep sleep.

The 365: Day 22

The 365: day 22
So a long time ago I came across the template for Zektbach meme and sworn to do it once my hand healed (well in this case close to healed or can function again) I totally forgot about this meme until I saw someone posted it on DA and whoops, I better do it then.
For a meme, I sure get carried away too much. also I did put blocks of colour to this but decided to wipe them all out except for one panel. Then I forgot to add the black colouring on Malchut hair and her body mark since I was planning to add those during the colouring ORZ
In any case it's so refreshing and fun doing black and white linearts, I really do prefer doing BW stuff ;3; (my colouring is bad, not that my art is good to begin with...)

The 365: Day 21

The 365: Day 21
(yeah I still did all the pieces per day for 365 project, I just feel so lazy and tired to upload it *__*; )
So first time drawing A'Milia from The Epic of Zektbach, I was going to draw the figure of all the other 9 Star Children in the BG but as I drew one I just went 'how does the other 9 looked like again?' and my mind and body was too tired to even bother looked up for reference and just dropped dead on the spot and sleeppppppp~~~
I've given up the stupid thick marker for lineart lol and just stick with pencil for the time being. The marker is good for blocking up black colour and other stuff, but not for all around lineart for me...

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The 365: Day 20

So the WIP from yesterday, I managed to get it done today.
I'm not quite happy with the result though, the expression is not as what I want it to be so does the over all mood and feel :( Need more experiment for this style I want to achieve I guess

The 365 Day 19

Started and stopped until blocking all the colour for the share of 365 of the day.
This is another request I took a while ago, and instead of pushing my hand over the limit by pushing myself too hard I'm stopping and will finish up tomorrow. I guess the basic idea to actually draw and hold the 'pen' everyday, not breaking my hand again back to square one of my RSI OTL
Seriously though I miss the privilege of pushing myself over the limit without worrying about the threat of the RSI and all acting up ;3l

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The 365: Day 18

Alibaba from MAGI.
Again, really... I better find my fine liner pen ASAP or anything that's not in the size of the marker I'm using at the moment >.>; or just go to the store and buy one...
Manifest weekend and my body is so tired... I like doing simple black and white thing in sketchbook now, just not.. that marker for the lineart...

Saturday, August 18, 2012

The 365: Day 17

The sketch was done a while back as this was meant to be an art trade between me and mishie for our Zektbach fandom madness lol. I'm trying a more simplistic colouring and lineart, quite happy with the result except this is not to be seen up close as it is.. really messy still LOL.
Mishie request was GijrixMalchut back then (I think she prefers Gijiri with A'Milia instead now lol)
I made this as her idea of the pairing is how the two shared the days in Masinowa and how they both have to dealt with the loss of same important person, Kukaru.

The 365: Day 16

Seriously, I was totally beat up yesterday! First I already exhausted from a week of work and everything, then for some reason I thought I can totally make Eculemess sword for today Manifest. But no~~~, outlining the shape on matt board was about as much my hand can take. The thing I keep forgetting is, my hand is no longer capable of having the privilege of pulling the work as hard like no tomorrow card. Sure enough I got 'alarm' from the pain and throbbing. It took me 2 years from the first initiation of the RSI until now in order for me to can draw slowly again, I stopped and gave up the idea of cutting the board as I don't want to go back to beginning of the pain again.
As for the doodle, I saw a fan made video with simplistic drawing style that I like and want to try, so I tried and it looked not right up close, but kinda okay now I looked at it in thumbnail version. My guess is I should try with finer marker/pen than the THICK marker lol.
Ted and Sarah (not intended as pairing just random doodle as my mind didn't work properly anymore) from Suikoden.

The 365: Day 15

I still did all the 365 project drawings on time, but I just didn't post it here because I was too lazy/tired.
For day 15 was Dunya Mustashim from MAGI. Since I saw her fighting with Aladdin gang with Isaac I was intrigued with her. When I learned about her background story I like her more and more with the recent chapter of her in Sindaria. Love it when Yamuraiha becomes protective as Sinbad tries to 'charm' Dunya XD
Anyway too bad she might not last longer since Jafar commented how she grows weaker and weaker ;3;
I suppose her and Isaac reminds me of Matin and Falo, but unfortunately really it is far too hard to beat Matin as my fave female character and FaloxMatin as my OTP XDDDDD;

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The 365: Day 14

The 365: Day 14
Kukaru from The Epic of Zektbach. Feels like when Kukaru first teaches Miria/Malchut words, something like...,"Miria, s.k.y~~" XD

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The 365: Day 13
Hannes from The Epic of Zektbach.
I do need to take it easy, my hand still has limitation after all sadly ><;
However I've been wanting to do this illustration, so instead I'll do bits by bits everyday while still contributing to The 365 project. Oh how ironic that Hannes coincidently got for Day 13 XDD;

Monday, August 13, 2012

The 365: Day 12

The 365 : Day 12
my sorry excuse called drawing turned even sorrier with my left hand... needless to say my right hand has starting up again today, as much as I want to draw many things, I have to rest it up. So what should I do while keep maintaining the 365 project? Back to whip out the non cooperating left hand of course! The thing with left hand is I aimed too high, I guess I should start with very2 easy stuff, maybe copying thing from photo next time?

Sunday, August 12, 2012

The 365: Day 11

The 365: Day 11
Another quick one because I'm exhausted. Fanart of L'erisia and Malchut from The Epic of Zektbach.
LOL when I first saw Raison D'etre PV the first thing that came to my mind was 'it's one grand bitch fight between L'erisia and Malchut' Well and what made me draw this is.. just... L'erisia is really picking on Malchut in drama CD, poor girl ;3;

The 365: Day 10

The 365: Day 10
Fanart of Zuko from Avatar.
So I was helping out and stayed over at my bro place yesterday so I have no access for my tablet and I couldn't upload this iphone camera photo (no scanner either) to the blog with my mobile. I brought the marker I bought a while ago thinking the fine tip is like 0.4mm type or so, turned out it's just.. marker type fine tip lol. The proportion in this drawing is just funny... and lack of eraser meant hey now you see how messy my sketch is! OTL Anyway, Zuko this time because I just up to watching the episode of dancing dragon and I thought it is really cool.

Friday, August 10, 2012

The 365: Day 9


Fanart. Gijri and Misakuya from The Epic of Zektbach.

Re-listened to the drama CD again and I feel sad at the line where older Gijiri does the narration of his childhood and said, “Kagachi and Yamaji.. why does me and Misakuya is not the same”
Gijiri tried and did the best to become equal, to overcome the boundaries between him and Misakuya, alas it’s still not enough to overcome the hatred towards Kagachi. If he is to meet Misakuya again after, he is most likely still has a deep longing towards her despite the pain/hatred he feel after what he went through. ;3;

I wasn't meant to draw this today, uhm yeah, but suddenly having an urge to draw this as I remembered about that line from drama CD I mentioned above lol. I started to have a pattern of drawing Zektbach fanart every second day LMAO XDD

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The 365: Day 8

The 365: Day 8
This is a request by Suekitty from DA, to draw her character, Princess Philadelphia.
I'm actually very eager to start a Zektbach fanart I've been wanting to do, but since I gave her my word already I thought I should get this done first.
I tried another new (for me) combination of colouring and quite liking it. But seriously I think my colouring is not good enough, I prefer black and white or solid cel shading style better for my drawing style (not that I have skill to begin with... but bw and solid colour bring less trauma to people eyes in my opinion..)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The 365: Day 7

The 365: Day 7
Fanart of Lymsleia Falena from Suikoden V

*cough* yeah I'm le tired and would like to use this opportunity to test the style for future fanart I have been wanting to do as well. I guess as I'm inspired by MAYA style, it does have a good reminder to me that chibi after all seems to work best with simplicity. That being said I still couldn't resist to add some shading here and there lol I guess I'm aiming of a chibi style in between MAYA and Ishikawa?

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The 365: Day 6

The 365: Day 6
Another fanart from The Epic of Zektbach.
I'm exhausted from unpacking out some more clothes after dinner today, while unpacking I listened to Hannes drama CD again therefore this fanart was the result. I'm quite happy with the half half expresion, like if I cover half of her face one half is sad one half is uh.. hateful?
Anyway another quick 'easy' one for today 365 part, I need to be careful not to overdo it too with my hand DX

Monday, August 6, 2012

The 365: day 5

The 365: Day 5
Definitely not the most original idea around lol, just to have fun as I got this image in my mind popping up today.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

The 365: Day 4

The 365: Day 4
There was a theme I wanted to draw for today's part but I'm exhausted from house cleaning and other things today so instead I did another fanart, another simple stuff I guess. This time it's Ido and yes, from The Epic of Zektbach again lol. Wenkamui song is amazing and I like his character when listening to Masinowa drama CD.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

The 365: Day 3

The 365: Day 3
When outside and the weather is just freezing that you breath becomes a white cloud, it is really cold and hard but even to this day I still feel a slight refreshing feel during times like this. It feels so fun to just warm your cheek with both your gloved hands and at the same time let out the breath to see the white cloud out from your mouth again.

Friday, August 3, 2012

The 365: Day 2

The 365: Day 2
Another fanart from The Epic of Zektbach, but this time it is Malchut from the Masinowa arc.
I wasn't kidding when I said I'm obsessed with this 'series' lol Another quick drawing around 40 mins max like the last one. Finished this before mum came over and before I went to watch Ace Attorney movie which pretty much last until very late. Regardless it was amazing, satisfying for fans and very funny ^^/

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The 365: Day 1

Fanart for the day 1. Matin Catorce from The Epic of Zektbach - Blind Justice.
My friends are pretty much know I'm in deep deep obsession with The Epic of Zektbach since ages ago and instead of faltering away, my love for this 'series' just growing stronger and stronger, especially for Matin.
There will probably be a lot of fanarts from this series in the future from me lol, but my wish is to have this going and have a stronger feelings each day.

Friday, February 10, 2012

LHJ 04: The hat you disliked

"Heh.. you dislike this hate didn't you.."

4th attempt at left hand drawing. This time I tried to draft things with sketch first, though I cheated with using right hand for 10 secs on the facial area outline for a bit DX
Try to draw fanart of John Watson from Sherlock BBC.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

LHJ 03: Science of eyeshadows

Third drawing with left hand, the finished one anyway. I have other two that still in early stage of making which of course will finish them slowly. Cintiq is good bec it allows me draw better with left hand as I can draw with less pressure used, which sadly I need to master controlling the pressure with left hand as well. All in all, left hand sir, you have lots of catching up to do still lol.

The idea for this drawing is just basically a confusion in what color to choose when applying make up. Just having a little bit fun with the title XD

Sunday, January 15, 2012

LHJ 02: Falling into the Night

Second drawing with left-hand, I'm kinda tired today and my giant intuos is the last thing I want to struggle with today. So I tried scribbling with pen tonight and of course, awful lol.
But I found out today while trying to do more stuff with left hand, it's not only about left hand doing right hand job, but also for right hand to learn supporting role. Still this is going to be a long journey...

From now on for the left hand journey entry I'll just put it as LHJ on the title and make a label for it.
Today theme is about a guy enjoying his drink (champagne I guess) at night.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Left-hand journey 01: Fence

So I vaguely remember that I have this blog. I had RSI since 1 year ago, feeling much better but it's still there. Being haunted that I will have this for the rest of my life, in desperation I decided to start somehow trying to train my left hand (the non dominant hand)
I somehow can managed using mouse with left hand and do most of the typing with left hand now. However, for writing and drawing its of course an entirely different matter.
It took a person about a day is maybe more to learn using mouse but years for kids to learn how to write properly.. I guess I just have to keep trying.

Attempt 01: Fence.