Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Illustration - part 03

Collage of digital illustration works

Traditional media works

They mostly done with Acrylic paint except for the black and white drawing which is also done in standard paper. The top right one was done on an old tobacco box covered with pieces of chinese newspaper. The top left was done similiarly but an origami papers also used for the wave in the picture. The bottom right one was done on something like a coaster fabric but with straw like material (I forgot what it is called I only picked it on a whim, thinking it might be interesting to paint on top of it)

A book project

This was all done manually using water colour paper, including cutting the all the pages to heart shape. At the bottom picture you can see the cut in the middle, that's how the reader turns the pages on this book.

Comic Works - part 01

Here's some sample pages of my comic works followed by the link to my site where you can read the whole thing.. for FREE!

1. Sleeping Fantasy:
Link -->

2. Mr Fate where art Thou?
Link -->

Link -->

4. Yuki no Kotoba
Link -->

Comic works - part 02

I'm now working on submission for Kiseki manga magazine. ( It is an ongoing manga with 1 chapter submission per 2 month (about 20 pages per 2 month) Here's some preview of my work, 'OMEGA' (sorry can't post the whole thing, it's for magazine so.. buy it guys! XD )

The coloured two pages spread.

Sample pages
(right to left)

Illustration - part 02

Have you ever thinking that your sketch is a thousand times looked better than your finished work? That's what happened to me all the time!
The image above is one sample case of that! (parody comic for game: Gensou Suikoden)
Ah~~ Sketch~~ why do you look so much better in my eyes? XD

Illustration - part 01

A collage of my manga style illustration work with some variation in the colouring style.
Some fanarts and original works.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Animations - 2008 - showreel

My animation collection from 2008, music is from royalty free musci by Kevin Macleod called 'Narcissus'
Enjoy :)

Animations - 2008 part02


The major project for my RMIT-AIM 2008 course. This piece is not done to its full potential, there are bits here and there that needed to be refined or added. Not to mention I ran out of time so in the last half I need to cut corners in order to get it 'done'

The minor project for RMIT AIM 2008. This served as a warmed up and experimental before the big major project. I experienced with pastel colour and shading which i don't it's working with the sloppy way I did it.
Either way, I'm quite fond with the idea of tea-associating theme, so I might do something similiar someday. Probably about different kind of teas with different kind of characters (because I'm a tea-addict!)

Animations - 2008 part01

So this was my second attempt on walk cycle after my first one at 2005, which was the very 1st year I learned about animation (unless scribbing sticky man figures on your text book at school counts) I think this walk cycle will work even better if I make the walk going from one end to another, instead of looping in one spot like this. ^__^

This is the morph animation practice, done in 8 frames per second. I sort of scanned it in a hurry so I didn't register it properly. ^^; This was done straight using a pen, no sketch or pencil first.

The Lip Synch animation, this was a good warm up after a break since the project at TAFE. :)