Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Animations - 2008 - showreel

My animation collection from 2008, music is from royalty free musci by Kevin Macleod called 'Narcissus'
Enjoy :)

Animations - 2008 part02


The major project for my RMIT-AIM 2008 course. This piece is not done to its full potential, there are bits here and there that needed to be refined or added. Not to mention I ran out of time so in the last half I need to cut corners in order to get it 'done'

The minor project for RMIT AIM 2008. This served as a warmed up and experimental before the big major project. I experienced with pastel colour and shading which i don't it's working with the sloppy way I did it.
Either way, I'm quite fond with the idea of tea-associating theme, so I might do something similiar someday. Probably about different kind of teas with different kind of characters (because I'm a tea-addict!)

Animations - 2008 part01

So this was my second attempt on walk cycle after my first one at 2005, which was the very 1st year I learned about animation (unless scribbing sticky man figures on your text book at school counts) I think this walk cycle will work even better if I make the walk going from one end to another, instead of looping in one spot like this. ^__^

This is the morph animation practice, done in 8 frames per second. I sort of scanned it in a hurry so I didn't register it properly. ^^; This was done straight using a pen, no sketch or pencil first.

The Lip Synch animation, this was a good warm up after a break since the project at TAFE. :)