Sunday, August 26, 2012

The 365: Day 22

The 365: day 22
So a long time ago I came across the template for Zektbach meme and sworn to do it once my hand healed (well in this case close to healed or can function again) I totally forgot about this meme until I saw someone posted it on DA and whoops, I better do it then.
For a meme, I sure get carried away too much. also I did put blocks of colour to this but decided to wipe them all out except for one panel. Then I forgot to add the black colouring on Malchut hair and her body mark since I was planning to add those during the colouring ORZ
In any case it's so refreshing and fun doing black and white linearts, I really do prefer doing BW stuff ;3; (my colouring is bad, not that my art is good to begin with...)

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